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Who We Are

NaturalLead is comprised of a group of marketers who have spent a lifetime in the automotive industry.

Who We Serve

We serve dealerships of all sizes, brands, and origins: from single-location stores to large groups. Independent dealers

Our Philosophy

Maximize results and outperform the marketplace no matter the economy. Choose NaturalLead in Good and Bad Times. Own the mindset of knowing no boundaries.

Why NautralLead?

The Problem

The Average New Car Franchised Automobile Dealer spends approximately $26,000 a month on Digital Advertising alone to drive potential customers to their website. Did you know that 97-98% of your Website visitors will never fill out a form or contact you?  That 2-3% only represents $1,000 of the average monthly marketing spend. So what about the other 97-98% of visitors?

The Solution

NaturalLead has created an innovative way to maximize sales leads and assist in turning those leads into sales. Our product works to ethically identify, engage, and contact prospective customers in real time. Additionally, our product can recognize returning customers, use previous data to identify what they want, and allow you to contact them and discuss specifics before they can go to another dealership.

Introducing NaturalLead

Ethically sourced first-party data from your website is collected from users who have agreed to your terms of service. This data is collected from users directly on your site and not from any third-party sites. 

The Quick and the Dead

The average number of dealership websites a customer visits while researching for a car is 4.9, according to the 2022 Car Buyer Journey Study by Cox Automotive Inc. This is up from 4.0 in 2021.

That means that most car shoppers who land on a specific brand visit multiple dealer websites from that brand before contacting or going into a dealership. You know who that customer is with NaturalLead, and you can contact them before your competition even knows they are shopping all of you.

Discover Sales Leads You Didn’t Even Know You Had

NaturalLead identifies who is on your website real-time. NaturalLead finds out who they are and engages with them proactively. In addition, NaturalLead inserts these prospects directly into your CRM and starts contacting them with an OEM quality DRIP campaign. You already paid for the data and drove it to your website. Let us increase contact rate by converting 10-30% of your website visitors from anonymous to First Party Data. Done without third-party cookies and fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Find Leads
Catch Return Customers

Catch The One That Got Away

In addition to bringing new prospects into your database/CRM, would you like to know when one of your existing customers is back in-market and visits your website? With NaturalLead’s advanced form and integration, you will know when they secretly come to your website. It will match that former customer’s record and let you know they just visited and what they are looking at on your website. This allows you to contact your customer before they go to another dealership.

How Does NaturalLead Benefit Dealerships & Sales Staff?

NaturalLead uncovers the warm leads that you already have! What is a warm lead? A warm lead is a prospect who has shown interest in your business but has not decided to start doing business with you yet. These leads are easier to convert than cold leads because they are already familiar with your business and have started looking at your site. Consequently, they are more likely to become customers than other leads.

Why is 1st Party Data So Important?

First-party data is becoming increasingly important to businesses, as it provides them with more accuracy and control over their data and allows them to tailor their marketing strategies to the right customer segment. Third-party cookies are used to track consumer habits, but first-party data offers an alternative that is more secure and private, giving businesses the ability to control the data they collect on their own customers while ensuring the data they collect is both accurate and up-to-date. First-party data is also more useful to businesses than third-party data, as it generally reflects the customer’s most recent behavior and preferences rather than relying on older, out-of-date data. First-party data is collected directly from the customers, enabling more precise targeting, improved speed and efficiency of data delivery, and more up-to-date information than third-party data. Third-party cookies are also being sunsetted by all the website providers and won’t be available any longer. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to take advantage of first-party data in order to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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